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Installation, sales and service of antennas and satellites Bratislava, Stupava

Installation and configuration of antennas and satellites for houses, hotels and boarding houses Free maintenance by an appropriate choice of digital television reception tailored for specific investor requirements Turnkey solutions for reception of DVB-T and DVB-S signal Longtime experience and references for individual and group TV signal distribution Activities in Bratislava, Stupava and neighborhood Registered partner of Skylink platform


You pay just services and products really needed!

In practice we encounter items were installed which customer could not need at all. Don`t hesitate to use our free support, we can find together a better and more interesting solution to your requirements. Just call or e-mail.

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Satellites Stupava | antenas instalation
We provide installation with equipments supplied by the customer. However, we prefer a turnkey solution, where all equipments needed to comfortable TV reception are supplied from our side.

Links - Najnavštevovanejšia stránka o satelitoch v CZ/SK prostredí– Ak chcete zistiť, odkiaľ sa u vás dajú prijímať požadované družice, – Informácie o družiciach a staniciach – Zaujímavý a poučný link o možnostiach terestriálneho príjmu